Enhance the Look of Your Home with Natural Stonework. We are based in Waterboro, Maine. We serve the surrounding areas of Southern Maine, York and Cumberland County.

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Building new construction or looking to renovate your current space? Demacon can provide quality works of stone, block, concrete or brick to construct unique home features that you’ll love. Design a rustic stone fireplace to be your living room’s centerpiece, or select colorful blocks to create a patio for the summer months. We have the skills and knowledge to manipulate your chosen material to fit any look and design, and we will sit down with you to carefully construct a plan that fits your home’s look and budget. From siding to walkways, we offer you a broad range of colors and textures to set your home apart and will do everything from first design to final installation. Get in touch with Demacon to see where we can take you.

Design a Space to Be Proud of With the Help of a Maine Masonry Contractor. We serve the surrounding areas of Southern Maine, York County and Cumberland County.

You want a home that looks its best, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for aesthetics. Our team of masonry contractors has the expertise you need to design and engineer quality brick, block and stone work to keep your home functional and looking beautiful. Demacon has the engineering capability to provide stone veneers, chimney linings, stone or brick siding and more to provide you with solid structures that look great. You’ll love our wide range of options thanks to endless stone, brick and block colors and sizes that make creating a one-of-a-kind look easier than ever before. Schedule your consultation today!

Why Use a Southern Maine Masonry Contractor on Your Next Project?

• You'll get structural engineering like no other, with long lasting and solid stonework that can't be rivaled.
• Stone, brick and block work are the best materials for loadbearing, so your home is guaranteed to be solid.
• With such variance in color, sizes and textures of stonework, the options are endless for creating unique looks for your home.
• You'll save on maintenance costs, thanks to the durability of the materials.
• Masonry work keeps the job moving, allowing construction or application to start immediately with no lag time from design to installation.
• Stone, block and brick masonry is fire resistant, ensuring a safer build.

Our team of certified professionals will transform your home while maintaining beauty and functionality. Call 207-590-8934 to speak with a masonry expert for all of your masonry construction and repair needs.

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